What is FINX Wallet?
FINX Wallet allow users to store and send BTC, ETH, EOS and FINX.
Every FINX wallet users will have its own unique cryptocurrency address. All
transactions will upload into the chain, users can check all the transaction on the
relevant cryptocurrency explorer.

Does FINX Wallet possess FIAT currency?
It is not just a crypto wallet, FINX Wallet also support USD fiat currency.

Which blockchain is FINX build on?
FINX token is built on top of EOS chain.

What are the advantages of listing FINX token on EOS chain?
It is a faster, better and more secure version of Ethereum platform. The
average speed of sending token on EOS chain is greater than ETH and BTC chain.

Does FINX wallet support exchange FINX tokens?
Answer: Currently no. But you can exchange FINX token at Bancor Network.

Is FINX still operational?
Yes, definitely!
You may Send, Receive, sell and withdraw the Supported Cryptocurrencies on our
mobile app.
Meanwhile, we will be updating the app on a monthly basis, stay tuned for the latest
feature releases.

Why are my Cryptocurrency transactions taking so long?
Transaction timings – across the network – may vary due to a variety of
Some known reasons to have caused delays in Bitcoin (BTC) transactions are:
1. Delays caused by a lack of Hash Power
2. Delays caused by a lack of Scaling
3. Delays caused by platform requirements
Each Cryptocurrency has its own set of resources to check on such matters such as
Etherscan.io – but not limited to – for Ethereum (ETH). We always recommend that
you do as much research as possible before purchasing any Cryptocurrency as –
much like any other investments – you will be exposed to risk.

How to operate the FINX app?
Please click here to visit our user guide.

Is there a withdrawal limit using FINX app?
Answer: Yes, here’s our daily withdrawal limit:
Minimum: USD$1,000
Maximum: USD$5,000

How to purchase FINX token?
Answer: Here’s how to get FINX:
i. Exchange from Bancor Network
ii. Buy from Bancor Network
iii. Or you may email support team at support@finx.global for OTC purchase.
To learn more, please refer to our user guide.

Why my BTC/ETC/EOS/FINX sending transaction fail?
Answer: Please contact support team at support@finx.global

Why am I not able to receive the email verification code?
Please check your junk/spam folder. If you encounter the same issue,
please contact support team at support@finx.global

I am one of the existing Bancor wallet users, can i send my FINX token
from Bancor Wallet to FINX Wallet?
Yes. Please make sure you have entered the correct Wallet address, or it
may cause your asset loss.

Is there any deposit charge if I transfer my BTC/ETH/EOS from 3rd party
wallet into FINX Wallet?
No, there will be no charge on the transfer.

Is there any withdrawal fees incurred?
Yes. There will be a withdrawal fee charge with FINX token in USD value.
For further clarifications, please contact support team at support@finx.global

Why am I not able to perform withdrawal transaction?
To perform withdrawal transaction, first you will need to complete the profile
verification (KYC) as required. Upon successful verified, you will be able to use our
withdrawal services.

Why can’t I find FINX Wallet apps on Apple Store or Google Play Store?
Please contact support team at support@finx.global for technical support. For Android user, CLICK HERE FOR DOWNLOAD.